2019 Kenmore Business Acceleration Program Application (pdf)


5X Entrepreneur Series


5X Entrepreneur Series

 A unique six-week training and consulting program to help higher potential businesses accelerate profitable and sustainable growth of $300,000 to $50m+, ASAP.  

Each business receives:

  • 15 hours of business acceleration instruction in a select cohort of 10 local businesses.
  • Guest speakers who are business acceleration experts and entrepreneurs.
  • Three hours of individual consulting with a certified Hot100Business consultant(s).
  • Series workbook from; “Best Practices of High Performance Entrepreneurs, Hot100Business Edition.

Fee:  $995 per business for up to three people from the same business.  
         $100, if grant funded such as Kenmore BAP Grant.

Qualification Criteria:

  • Private-owned business with the potential to grow a minimum of $300,000 and the owners are committed to working on growing the business now.
  • Preference given to:
    • Existing, growth-oriented businesses with staff of 3 FTE (full time equivalent).
    • Higher-potential startups that will need 3 FTE staff within six months.

Registered attendees must be:

  • Owners, managers, or key staff, who can make major decisions and changes in the business
  • Committed to attending all six classes and scheduling three hours with the business acceleration consultant.

Training Topics:
From the 5XE series workbook; “Best Practices of High Performance Entrepreneurs,”  Hot100Business Edition

  1. Session 1
    1. Grow Faster Now – 5XE Accelerated Growth Plan – Design your business to create profitable and sustainable revenue growth of $300,000 to $2 million+. What would your business look like at this higher level of revenues?  How many staff and locations would we need?  What kind of equipment and funding?  How can we get there quickly, without taking huge risks in the process?  This is concentrated version of the one-day Grow Faster Now workshop.
  2. Session 2
    1. 5XE Business Ownership – The 30 best practices of high-performance owners that create sustainable profit and more owner compensation right away, and why your business to build equity of at least $3 million. 
    2. 5XE Business Management – Accelerated implementation of 57 best practices of high-performance management teams.
  3. Session 3
    1. 5XE Marketing Part A – Efficient and effective best practices that enable and accelerate multi-million-dollar growth. 
    2. 5XE Marketing Part B– 49 best practices that will help you outrun the competition and create sustainable market advantages. 
  4. Session 4
    1. 5XE Productivity– 40 best practices to accelerate and enhance profitability and cash flow without increasing revenues. 
    2. 5XE HR and Staffing – Staffing is the difference between self-employment and building a business.  It is also often directly correlated to the success and pace of business acceleration and profitability.
  5. Session 5
    1. 5XE Finance and Accounting Part A – The 44 best practices that make the difference between financial success and failure. These best practices often take 20 years of experience to learn the hard way and can save your business from disaster. How to make your business easier to grow and manage. 
    2. 5XE Finance and Accounting Part B – How to make your banker, CPA, and other resources love your business right now.
  6. Session 6 
    1. 5XE Risk Management – 54 best practices to prevent problems that can damage and kill a business. 
    2. 5XE Next Phase & Growth Management – How to build a highly competitive, multi-divisional business that creates an enduring legacy for owners and key employees. Here’s how to do it faster even though most businesses fail to reach this stage.

Guest Speakers- 5XE training includes guest speakers that are experts on their topic as well as follow-up resources to grow your business. 

5X Entrepreneur Trainer and Consultant
Corey Hansen, MScOD, is the founder and consultant of Hot100Business, and has helped create over $2 billion in new equity. A growing number of his clients have made it to prestigious "fastest-growing" lists, such as the Inc 500/5000, the SBA Small Business of the Year, the Business Journal Hot 100 and many others. His most successful client to date is PopCap Games, which was sold $1.3 billion after just 10 years from startup. 

Corey’s goal is to help business leaders accelerate growth and profitability and build a sustainable financial legacy.  Formerly one of the top-performing business specialists with the Washington Small Business Development Centers, Corey is also a top graduate of Central Washington University in Operations Management and Business Economics.  He also has a Master of Science in Organizational Development from CWU, specializing in High Performance Entrepreneurs.

Corey is co-author of the book, “Best Practices of High Performance Entrepreneurs” (2006-2018), which has helped thousands of business leaders to build high-performance businesses. Corey has been featured in articles in Inc. Magazine and Go Magazine.

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